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Evening Standard: All you need is an algorithm to pen a hit pop song or write a bestseller

"Algorithms can predict whether a song will top the charts too. Using data from The Echo Nest, a music intelligence lab, data scientists analysed 2015’s top 10 dance music tracks for tech site Motherboard, finding their popularity largely predictable. More controversial is the use of algorithms to determine the worth of art. ArtRank, a service for deep-pocketed collectors, puts a “buy”, “sell” or “liquidate” rating on the creations of contemporary artists, in a similar vein to how an analyst rates stocks. The service’s founder, Carlos Rivera, claims to have developed his algorithms from investment banking. Unsurprisingly, many are aghast at the idea of decreeing the next generation of potential Jeff Koonses as “hot” or “not” before they’ve been allowed to develop fully. "

Read the whole story by Rosamund Urwin in The Evening Standard


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