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El Pais: The art market tests the use of mathematical formulas and 'big data'

"Tal vez el paradigma sea el de Carlos Rivera, un emprendedor de origen argentino afincado en Los Ángeles quien hace un par de años creó ArtRank. El portal trata a los artistas, sobre todo emergentes, como si fueran acciones de Bolsa y los califica en categorías: Comprar, Vender y Liquidar. En el corazón de la web late un algoritmo (similar al usado por Nielsen o Netflix) que se nutre de información de subastas, galerías, asesores y escuelas de arte para identificar al siguiente Koons o Damien Hirst. Pero no compra ni vende obra. “Porque al mercado le falta liquidez para hacer compraventas instantáneas, como si fueran algoritmos de alta frecuencia [los utilizados en la Bolsa]”, afirma Rivera."

Read the whole story by Miguel Ángel Garcia Vega in El Pais

Invaluable: How Data Will Disrupt The Business of Art

How will data continue to transform the business of art in years to come? To answer that question, let’s look at some of the early startups that are leveraging art data on behalf of the buyer in innovative ways... [ArtRank was] demonized by some for the categorization of artists in categories such as Sell/Peaking (“Liquidate” was a category that attracted widespread ire and has since been removed)- it has earned a place among the most disruptive firms to apply art data in new ways.

Read the whole story by Pip Deely on Invaluable

Verve: Is Technology Revolutionising the Art World?

"This doesn’t wholly mean that art and tech don’t make a good couple. Without the invention of portable paint tubes that enabled them to paint outdoors, impressionists would’ve been regular old weirdos staring wistfully at the world while passers-by shot them dirty looks. And think of Andy Warhol minus silkscreen printing. Technology has been endowing artists with new ways of expression for aeons. Today, artists are discovered on Instagram, their work reviewed on Twitter and predictions of the success of exhibitions are made with the help of high-resolution photographs emailed and viewed on tabs."

Read the whole story by Simone Louis at Verve Magazine

Evening Standard: All you need is an algorithm to pen a hit pop song or write a bestseller

"Algorithms can predict whether a song will top the charts too. Using data from The Echo Nest, a music intelligence lab, data scientists analysed 2015’s top 10 dance music tracks for tech site Motherboard, finding their popularity largely predictable. More controversial is the use of algorithms to determine the worth of art. ArtRank, a service for deep-pocketed collectors, puts a “buy”, “sell” or “liquidate” rating on the creations of contemporary artists, in a similar vein to how an analyst rates stocks. The service’s founder, Carlos Rivera, claims to have developed his algorithms from investment banking. Unsurprisingly, many are aghast at the idea of decreeing the next generation of potential Jeff Koonses as “hot” or “not” before they’ve been allowed to develop fully. "

Read the whole story by Rosamund Urwin in The Evening Standard


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