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"go against the quasi annoying lie of telling you to buy art you "love" as opposed to art with some market value." GQ 28 October 2016

"...provide advice to collectors hoping to speculate on the art market" Art in America 26 October 2016

"...rates artists according to categories that indicate their investment potential" artnet 16 October 2016

"I can’t predict if these artists will be considered eminences centuries from now, and I don’t write algorithms like ArtRank..." Goop September 2016

"Many of these [artists] became auction phenomena over the next few years, and ended up as staples of Art Rank." Artspace 16 March 2016

"...uses algorithms to analyze contemporary artists as stocks to be bought, held or sold." New York Times March 4 2016

"The art world has increasingly become something of a trendy stock market for the crème de la crème, who turn to platforms like ArtRank to literally quantify the creative labor of others into investment opportunities." Vice: Creators Projects 10 December 2015 

"mirror[s] the influence of digitization" Institute of Network Cultures 10 December 2015

" There are art advisors who are hired for this, and there are also things like and all these things that try to forecast which artist will perform well in a market and which won't..." Vice: Creators Project 5 December 2015

Dagens Naeringsliv 12 March 2015 

"Don't collect with your ears" - Mr Porter March 2015 

Taz 6 March 2015

- Art  2 March 2015

"Demonstrates the speed in which emerging artists rise and fall" - CounterPunch 20 February 2015

"How ArtRank became the most hated website in the art scene" - ArtInfo24 18 February 2015

"Removes art collecting from the pedestal" - Handelsblatt 10 February 2015 

 "Facilitates the entry of new buyers into the art market boom" - El Confidencial 7 February 2015

"Jim Cramer for the fine arts" - Forbes 2 February 2015

 "Art Rank" - ArtNews 9 December 2014

Understanding value in the art world - an Oxford lecture 3 November 2014

" is this version of an art world perfected" - e-flux November 2014 

"Heavily trending" - Evening Standard  17 October 2014

"Rocked the artworld with a radical proposal" - El Pais 2 September 2014

 "Finance-savvy art strategy site" - Artsy 10 July 2014

"ArtRank’s clients get snappy, some might say brutal, investment advice" - Gulf News 27 June 2014

"May negatively influence art market" - ArtNet 24 June 2014 

"Opportunist" LA Weekly 19 June 2014

"Art Dank (trill nuggs)" - Dis Magazine 13 June 2014

"Earthquake in the art market" - Calcalist 14 May 2014

"Offers powerful information to the art world" - La Tribune  25 April 2014

"ArtRank pierces through the insecurity and doubt to offer cold, hard facts." - Dazed Digital 10 April 2014

"That shit's important" - Animal NY 24 March 2014

"Fascinating and disturbing" - Zeitguide 21 March 2014

"Quantifies the emerging art market" - PSFK 17 March 2014

"The website is highly polarizing" - Business Insider 14 March 2014

"Saavy art investing tool" - Art Market Monitor 21 February 2014

" is your friend" - Complex 17 February 2014

"Anarchist art market predictors" - Artspace 13 February 2014

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