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The Art Newspaper: How to run a gallery: three threats you can’t ignore

"Many gallerists will dismiss the threat of online channels or social media actually replacing them as the main marketplace for art, but I would argue that the larger, long-term threat lies in online channels and social media’s ability to chip away at the authority gallerists have traditionally maintained via their exclusive hold on information, such as what art is available or what other collectors have paid for similar pieces. When collectors call the gallery asking about new work they saw in a studio shot on Instagram that the gallerist did not even know existed, that traditional authority begins to crumble. When sites like ArtRank can convince collectors they have a solid sense of where an artist lies in the market pecking order, they do not need to consult the dealers they used to turn to for such information. "

Read the whole story by Edward Winkleman at The Art Newspaper


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